Kimbe campus receives K80,000

12/04/2017 18:30
The office of member Kandrian Golouter Hon. MP Joseph Lelang is sponsoring over 50 students to take up studies at the Kimbe Campus The presentation of the first scholarship payment of K80,000 from Kandrian Scholarship Scheme (KDSS) was made on 10th April.

Short course in customer Services

06/04/2017 18:03
Equip yourselves with the skills and knowledge to provide great customer service. Enrol in our next customer service course running at the Ela Beach campus. First course from 3rd to 7th April Second course from 19th to 23rd June Each course runs from 4:30 - 6:30 pm for 5 days Enrolment fee is K450.00 Call at out Ela Beach campus to reserve your place or call Mrs Madeline Maita or Ms Aiyung...

Urban Youth Employment Project

06/04/2017 17:59
The Pre- employment training funded by Australian Government in partnership with National Capital District Commission, Urban Youth Employment Program (UYEP) and IEA College of TAFE graduated 350 trainees last week, The trainees are mostly school leavers and unemployed youths between the ages of 16-35 were given the second chance to improve their employability skills throughout training. World...

AusAID supports PNG Law and Justice Sector training at IEA College of TAFE

13/06/2014 16:52
Twenty employees from the PNG Joint Agency Group are now half way through their Certificate IV of Government (Investigations). This course will improve the technical capacity of PNG agencies to undetake criminal and regulatory investigations.   This continues the involvement of IEA in supporting mid-level managers from various PNG law and justice agencies aftyer a previous group completed...

A Sucess Story - Loumoro Lavai

23/02/2014 11:25
Loumoro   Lavai hails from  Elava in Gul f Province, graduated with  Advance  Diploma last year  2013. This is her story …..  I completed Grade Ten (10) at Malalaua High School & did not make it to Grade  twelve (12),  and I thought that this was the end of my education. I, enrolled at SCSD Centre and did basic typing. While at the Centre, my...

IRC Recruits 9 TAFE Accounting & IT Graduates

13/09/2013 12:25
In early August IEA College of TAFE was invited by the IRC to provide Resumes of our recent Diploma graduates as IRC had “several new positions” it would like to offer to new graduates.   9 CV’s from our July 2013 graduation were the forwarded to the IRC.   IRC interviewed all Nine candidates, and phoned TAFE up on 5th September to advise that they were so impressed with the quality of...

IEA TAFE celebrates Largest Graduation Ever

29/08/2013 12:26
On Friday 2nd August IEA TAFE held its biannual graduation for 420 semester 1 graduates – these were in the areas of Business, Accounting, IT, Hospitality, Tourism and Children’s Services. The key note speaker was Governor Anderson Agiru from Hela Province. Other dignitaries included Mrs Ruby Zarriga, Chairperson of IEA TAFE Board and Mr Stanis Tao, Chairperson of the IEA Board. Mr Tao had two of...

IEA College of TAFE Enrolments Up by 50%

06/03/2013 10:17
During the past 6 months, IEA TAFE has gone through a major organisation restructure, as it strives to better market itself to both school leavers and industry clients as the premium provider of vocational training in PNG. "IEA TAFE is all about Quality" said Manager Phil Oakley. "Not just having the best facilities and resources, but Quality in every aspect of what we do and how we interact with...

IEA TAFE Staff Up-Skill

05/03/2013 11:44
On the 6th of February 2013 at the opening of its new Classroom, Education Director Suzanne Savage presented Kangan TAFE qualifications to a number of TAFE Trainers, who had recently undertaken professional development in their respective areas. The Graduate Certificate in ITC Sustainability in the Workplace was awarded to 8 IEA TAFE Trainers, and it is understood that these recipients are the...

“IEA College of TAFE receives CPA PNG Accreditation”

24/10/2012 12:41
Certified Practising Accountants Papua New Guinea   “IEA College of TAFE receives CPA PNG Accreditation”    
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Loumoro   Lavai

TAFE Deputy Gilbert Bimundi (back right) with the 9 graduates and IRC Executives.

 2013 Semester 1, Graduates

Certiciate Presentation to TAFE Staff

Director Education - Ms Savage, TAFE Principal - Mr Oakley awarding Mr Eveapo his Certficate


“IEA College of TAFE receives CPA PNG Accreditation”

Mr Joe Lumaris

Mr Joe Lumaris - Outgoing Deputy Principal

CEO Kangan, Ms Pusal and Mr Steer

CEO & International Manager of Kanagan Institute of TAFE awarding Ms Pusal with her Australian Leadership Award Certificate 2012


Hon Don Polye with TAFE graduates 2012

Hon. Don Pomb Polye - Keynote Speaker at the Semester 1 2012 TAFE Graduation at Ela Beach