Trainers Profiles

  All our Trainers have extensive industry experience and are registered with the PNG Training Council.

They are highly qualified and respected professionals with experience in:

  • designing training programs to meet the needs of industry;
  • ensuring the learning materials used to support training are relevant and current;
  • providing training and development advice to clients to support their workforce; and
  • supporting our students to achieve their best.


The IEA professional development program for staff ensures our trainers work closely with their industries to maintain skills and to keep abreast of current industry trends.

The IEA College of TAFE maintains extensive networks with Australian TAFE Colleges, universities and private training providers, and our trainers support Australian RTOs in contracts to deliver Australian registered Certificate and Diploma qualifications

TAFE Trainers come from a variety of places around Papua New Guinea and we pride ourselves on the diverse viewpoints and experiences each trainer contributes to the college. Their values have moulded the college community into what it is today.

Please take the opportunity to drop by our campuses and meet our TAFE trainers. Get to know who will be facilitating the programs and guiding your education while at TAFE. We are committed to preparing you for a successful future and ensuring you meet your career goals.