About Us

International Education Agency of PNG Ltd

The International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea owns and operates in total 20 independent schools  and colleges with an annual enrollment of over 6000 students. We are PNG's oldest and largest private education provider. We also provide both vocational education through our TAFE colleges throughout the country and also provide design and management services for schools, social development programs and for corporate capacity building programs through our  Educational Consultancy and E-Learning programs.



IEA TAFE  was establised in 2001. IEA TAFE operates over four campuses in Port Moresby, Mt Hagen, Kimbe and Lae, delivering a variety of technical training programs designed against the Australian Qualifications Framework to ensure training is relavant to current industry standards and needs. IEA TAFE is registered with the National Training Council of PNG. All IEA TAFE courses are competency based and accredited by the National Training Council (NTC) of PNG.

IEA TAFE provides training to Australian competency standards with both institutional and workplace training delivery modes.


The mission of IEA TAFE as an Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is:

"to deliver quality technical education and training across a range of selected commerce and industry areas in accordance with the Australian National Training Packages and the PNG National Qualifications Framework through the National Training Council requirements. As a dynamic training provider with a highly competitive edge the selected courses are updated each year to ensure current best practice in all selected areas". 


Objectives of IEA TAFE

The objectives of IEA TAFE reflect the Five Key Outcomes of the International Education Agency which are to:

  1. Be self directing – One who is self-confident, has high self-esteem and personal integrity and a positive vision for self and the future
  2. Communicate effectively – One who confidently conveys and receives information, instruction, ideas and feelings appropriately and effectively in a range of different cultural, language and social contexts
  3. Behave ethically – One who exhibits appropriate morals, manners and virtues in a range of social and cultural settings
  4. Work collaboratively – One who develops good relationships with others and works in cooperative ways to achieve common goals
  5. Analyse and solve problems – One who access a range of information sources appropriate to the resolution of complex issues and applies strategies with accuracy and thoroughness


One of our main goals at TAFE is to offer quality education to cater to an individual or organizations training needs in an efficient and cost effective manner, all the while remaining flexible, available, trustworthy and relevant. As the primary focus at TAFE is to optimize learning and professional development opportunities we adhere to strict guidelines and Codes of Practice.