Competency Based Training (CBT)

The training offered at the IEA College of TAFE is Competency Based. The training focuses on what you can do (skills), what you know (knowledge) and how you do your work (attitude).  An important characteristic of Competency Based Training is that it is focused not only on the actual jobs that are required in the workplace, but also the ability to transfer and apply skills, knowledge and attitudes to new situations and environments. It is a very flexible form of training and your trainer will work with you and your employer to help you learn the knowledge and skills relevant to your industry.

The program of study for your qualification for a course is made up of a number of elements of the course; units of competency within an element and the performance criteria for each element. These competencies focus on the employability skills for each unit and on what is expected of an employee in the workplace rather than on the learning process. Participants in our courses will play an active role in the assessment process and should generally know when they themselves are ready for an assessment of competence. Evidence of competence will not just be “exercises” that may be completed as a part of a course, but evidence that will be collected and evaluated from a variety of sources.

The emphasis in competency based training is on “performing” rather than just “knowing


All Training Packages IEA College of TAFE use are provided by the (TGA). They maintain a database on Vocational Education and Training in Australia. TGA is the official National Register of information on Training Packages, Qualifications, Courses, Units of Competency and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). It provides recognised training products and the approved scope of each RTO to deliver nationally recognised training as required in national and jurisdictional legislation within Australia.


Below is a short exerpt of a video that describes what Comptency Based Training is.

"Competency Based Training focuses on what the participant is expected to be able to do in the workplace as opposed to just having theoretical knowledge. A competency is defined in terms of what a person is required to do (performance), under what conditions it is to be done (conditions) and how well it is to be done (standards)."