How can we assist you?

Please contact us through one of these contacts.

All IEA College of TAFE campus offices are open between from 8:30AM - 3:30PM Monday to Friday.

The IEA College of TAFE Facebook page provides current information and will respond to messages within 12 hours. 

Use email if you need a written response to an inquiry or call us for general information, or to make an appointment to see a trainer or any one of the IEA College of TAFE contact person.

Ela Beach, Port Moresby Campus

Mr Henry Yanda, Deputy Manager - Corporate

(Ela Beach TAFE Campus)

P.O.Box 1025, Port Moresby, NCD

Phone: 321-3022; Fax: 3210465


Lae Campus

Ms Aiyung Safatos Campus Coordinator -

(Lae TAFE Campus)

Phone: 472-1011