Children's Services

Begin your career in children’s services. This course covers the fundamentals of childhood development and caring for children. Children Services courses are especially designed for those who are currently working or intending to work within the children's services industry. It provides a useful introduction into understanding, caring for and supporting the development of young children. The course will assist individuals to plan activities and provide care to children, facilitating their leisure and play and enabling them to achieve their developmental outcomes.

It will train you to interact with children and to respond effectively to their physical, social, emotional and developmental needs. Occupational health and safety, nutrition, and legal considerations are also covered, and students will also undertake a work placement to provide useful 'real world' experience.

Enhance the service you already provide by making a positive and meaningful impact upon children's lives with the Certificate III in Children's Services. With the practical training your staff can receive, they can look forward to a rewarding career as a childcare assistant in Early Learning Centers, Kindergartens or Preschool settings, Family day care worker, Childcare worker, Childcare assistant and Playgroup supervisor or nanny services.