Short Courses at TAFE

The IEA College of TAFE offers several short courses throughout the year, often at times and schedules that are convenient for clients. At TAFE, we try to provide learning opportunities that are convenient for those who may not have the time to engage in full time studies, for those that are not sure what full qualification they would like to pursue or for those who are looking to upskill.


Taking a short course can be very benefitical. It can open up new windows and opportunities when it comes to thinking about your career. If you are currently working, taking a short course shows potential employers you are motivated, keen to learn and are willing to invest your time and energy to adding value. It also shows current employers you see continual improvement as a priority.


Short courses are offered from time to time . To find out what is available in your area call an IEA TAFE campus or take a look at the advertisments that are on the site. You can access them on the left hand side of the website menu.