Certificate III in Tourism

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge dor an individual to be competent in arange of well-develop tourism sales, operational and tour delivery skills. Work would be undertaken in an office enviroment where the planning of tourism products and services takes place, in the field where tourism  products are delivered or a combination of both. The field includes any destination, local or regional area, tourist percinct, site, attraction or onboard form of transportation. The qualification reflects the role of skilled operators who apply a range of board competecies in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. They may provide technical advise and support to a team.

The qualification is suitable for a an Australian apprenticeship pathway.


This course has 5 Core units plus 10 elective selected to meet workplace outcomes, local industry requirements and the characteristics of this qualification.


SITIND001B Develop and update tourism industry knowledge
SITXCCS001B Provide visitor information
SITXCOM001A Work with colleagues and customers
SITXCOM002A Work in socially diverse enironment
SITOHS001B Follow health safety and security procedures


Grade 12 Certificate or Equivalent


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