How to enroll in a course.

Steps to follow to get enrolled at the IEA College of TAFE.

  1. Decide what qualification to enroll.

  2. Download the Application Form

  3. Students enrolling for their first time at the IEA college of TAFE pay the enrollment application fee of K150.00

  4. Email complete application form with the receipt of application fee payment through this email address, or walk in to IEA College of TAFE campus and submit your application form with the receipt to one of the enrollment offers.

  5. Await assessment of your application. This should take up to 24 hours turnover time.

  6. Once your application has been successful, you would be advised. Upon advise of your status, your invoice would also be provided to you.

  7. You should now proceed on to pay the course tuition fees to confirm your place in the course 

Downloadable Files