Enrolment and Admission Procedures

The policy and procedures for enrolment are as follows:

  • All enrolments, new and old, must follow correct enrolment procedures before a student can secure a place of study with IEA TAFE.
  • The screening process is conducted by both the Deputy TAFE and the Head of Department for the course in which the student is enrolling.


The Procedure


  • Students enquiring about courses can obtain the information they need from the Reception either by phone, fax or e-mail. All contact details can be found at our Contact Us page.
  • You can also download the course booklet by clicking here: 2014 TAFE Course Information Booklet  

Enrolment Requests and Expressions of Interest

  • Enrolment Application Forms plus TAFE Fee Policy can be downloaded here: 2014 IEA TAFE Enrolment Form or TAFE Fee Policy
  • The Enrolment Form must be completed accurately and in full before it will be accepted.
  • NB. Giving an enrolment form to you does not guarantee a place for you as an IEA TAFE student.


Enrolment Application

Potential students must complete enrolment documents provided by TAFE and sign an Enrolment Agreement detailing conditions of study at TAFE. These forms will be given to you at the TAFE Reception Desk or upon request. Go to the Contact Us page to request these forms.

Enrolment Acceptance

  • On completion of the Enrolment Form, attach an enrolment fee of K120  to be paid into to the IEA TAFE Bursar.
  • The potential student’s name and details will be entered in the Computer Enrolment Data.
  • The enrolment is then passed on to the appropriate HOD to make sure the student has enrolled in at the appropriate course level. An interview can be organized if further information is required by the HOD who will -
  1. Notify the Reception to make an appointment with the applicant for an interview during the TAFE working hours, and
  2. Sign the enrolment form to approve course level if interview is satisfactory.


Final Acceptance of Enrolment 

The HOD will write an acceptance letter advising the applicant of the following:

  • the applicant is successful
  • the applicant has his/her name on the Course Class List
  • the course of study: Unit codes and course/program outlines
  • the fee invoice for the course and the Fee Policy
  • the commencement date of course and Course schedule
  • a date for a diagnostic test in Literacy, Numeracy and Computer Skills is organised (If required)