Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL means being given credit for what you already know – no matter where or how you learnt it – that your knowledge and skills are of the same standard as those required in the course or unit you are doing.

If you think you have the knowledge and skills for your current course or unit, then ask your Trainer for the full RPL Policy. If after reading this, you still feel confident that you do already have the knowledge and skills and you do not wish to repeat or re-do this, then fill in the RPL Application Form together with your evidence and give it to your Trainer. If you need advice or assistance, please see the Deputy-TAFE or the appropriate HOD.  

NB. The RPL will be carried out by a technically qualified trainer in your area of interest and must be registered with the Academic Registrar’s Office.

What Learning Might Count Towards RPL?

Knowledge and skills learnt in:

  • other subjects
  • work experience or industry placement
  • a part-time job or unpaid work
  • hobbies, activities, clubs, and sports interests inside or outside college
  • activities you undertake as part of your family, holiday or home routines

Why RPL?

RPL will enable you to  

  • do only new work (and not repeat the work in which you are already competent);
  • have your existing knowledge and skill levels formally recognized.