Workplace Learning

As part of learning of all IEA College of TAFE Students, Work place attachments or Industry Placements are carried out as integral to the training programs on Selected Courses. The work placement programme does not only provide the opportunity for students to practice their skills in the real world of the workplace but also provides students with an opportunity to secure permanent work when they finish their course of study at their work placements.

Structured work placements

A structured work placement involves the student participating in specific tasks in the workplace. Prior to the placement, negotiation occurs between the trainer, student and the workplace provider, to identify where possible, the kind of tasks that the student will be undertaking. These tasks should reflect the learning that has just been completed by you, the student in the training rooms at TAFE.


During the four week work placement attachments, two coaching and mentoring visits will be carried out by trainers responsible for that particular course.


Students will be observed at the work placements and a record will be kept of these visits and used towards the final assessment of the student.