Information Technology

Technology is everywhere! Its the driving force behind how we access information, how we conduct business and how we live our lives. Technology gives us the edge to remain competitive in the 21st Century. While the demand for Information Technology in the future is great, the job market is exceptional
Bottom line: IT Graduates are in Demand


Information Technology is now a vital element in a large number of industries and occupations in our society. Skills in information technology can provide many employment opportunities, and IEA TAFE offers highly practical, hands-on training in small groups. What we teach our clients is on the technology that is current today but we also show them how to learn about new technologies of tomorrow as well. IEA TAFE  qualifications in this area can lead to careers as IT managers, network managers and technicians, software designers, applications and analyst programmers, web designers, and graphics and multimedia professionals. TAFE qualifications in Information Technology can also lead to further educational pathways at university here in PNG and in Australia.