A Sucess Story - Loumoro Lavai

23/02/2014 11:25

Loumoro   Lavai hails from  Elava in Gul f Province, graduated with  Advance  Diploma last year  2013.

This is her story …..  I completed Grade Ten (10) at Malalaua High School & did not make it to Grade  twelve (12),  and I thought that this was the end of my education.

I, enrolled at SCSD Centre and did basic typing. While at the Centre, my  trainer noticed I was a fast learner and  he  recruited me to assist the Students.   Fortnightly,   I was paid  K100  which I asked that  K30 be paid to me for my bus fare and  K70  be paid towards my  school  fee  for  spread  sheet  Lotus  123  version  course.  After  completing  Lotus  123 Version  for  one month,  my  Principal send me to do my work  experience  with  Ideal  Autoparts   Ltd.  With my high achievement  job performance  I was recruited as a  permanent employee for the next  six (6) years.

 In 2013, I enrolled at  IEA  College of  TAFE  and took  up  studies  in  Accounting  and eventually  graduated with the qualification of Advance Diploma in Accounting .   The Department  of Treasury  advertised positions which I applied for and secured the position  Assistant  Senior  Budget  Officer.

Its a pleasure for me to thank the Manager, Trainers and the Administration Team of IEA College of TAFE for their  time and effort  and for  offering  real  training for  real  jobs.  Before the training, I was not  in a position to work in the  Budget and Finance Industry.  However,   the Professional  and  Qualified  Trainers  of  IEA  of  TAFE has trained me with the  necessary skills and knowledge enabling me secure employment with  the Department  of  Treasury .  Therefore I would highly recommend  IEA  College of TAFE to anyone intending to further their education and career.

A word of encouragement to students ….. Always  dream of big things to be happen in your life. For me, in previous years, I saw positions in newspapers having requirements of a Diploma, Degree, Master, or  PhD and I have asked myself, how will  I get  them? I tried hard and got  Advance  Diploma, now I’m  heading for the next  step  till  I  get  PhD. Always  have a Plan, Vision and a Goal to Succeed in your life.

Be like a spider, never give up, always try until you reach  the other  side. I, once dream of big things to be happen in my life and I have become Successful in my dream and happy where I am now.

I am looking forward to continue to succeed in my career and  where one fine day I will be  the Secretary for Treasury Department???

That’ all have and best wishes in your Studies

Loumoro  Lavai

Ex  IEA  Accounting Student