Ela Beach TAFE Farewell's Deputy Principal - Mr Joe Lumaris: Thank You for your Service to TAFE & to IEA

31/08/2012 08:48

Mr Lumaris with his farewell gift                         from the IEA    

Mr Lumaris handing over school fee assistance to student  Ms Ruby Pazurai - Diploma IT,  in lieu of a farewell function


Joe Lumaris, Deputy Principal, IEA College of TAFE, Ela Beach Campus has called it quits after 20 years of dedicated service. In a brief ceremony on the 29th of August, in a display of community service, instead of accepting a farewell function in his honour this humble New Irelander asked that the funds budgeted for the function be used to assist a needy student who is struggling to pay off course fees. It was with great joy that Mr Lumaris presented a cheque to Ms Ruby Pazurai, a Diploma IT student towards completing her studies at TAFE. 


Mr Lumaris leaves IEA with great satisfaction and fond memories. He has made many contributions as well as gained a wealth of knowledge and skills during his illustrious career with this dynamic organisation.

It is a two way process. IEA has looked after me well and in return I have contributed to the organisation. For a person to stay for a long time with one organisation it means a lot. IEA is a good organisation to work for, it is doing good things”. He went on to say “…while with IEA, I have been able to upgrade my qualifications, increase and improve my skills through further education and training. To put it simply IEA has empowered me, and I am satisfied that I have contributed to the development and growth of the organisation.”


From Lamusmus village Mr Lumaris is one of the first Papua New Guinean teachers to join the expatriate dominated IEA school system when positions were made available to locals starting in 1992 under the Localisation program. Mr Lumaris was recruited to teach Physical Education at Gordon’s International Primary School. He was promoted to the position of Deputy Principal of Goroka International School on the 20th July, 1998. He served under  the Principal Mr Gavan Hogan. Mr Lumaris was the first citizen Principal of Goroka International School appointed on the 25th January, 2000.


At various stages of his career with IEA Mr Lumaris has been a Teachers’ Rep and Principals’  Rep on the IEA Board. He is a past Chairman of the IEA Terms and Conditions Committee and also the Eastern Highlands Education Advisory Board, member of the IEA Science Unit Development Committee, IEA Curriculum Committee for Science, Physical Education and Personal Development and Chairperson of Learning through the Arts Conference conducted in Goroka. 


In 2004 Mr Lumaris transferred to IEA Head Office to take up the appointment of Schools Advisor under the leadership of Mr Steve Garrett until appointed the Deputy Principal of IEA TAFE on the 2nd January, 2006 until his resignation this year.  


All in all Mr Lumaris departs from IEA a happy man knowing that has contributed to its progress and development, and by the same token he has also gained much during his time at IEA.