Welcome to Our New TAFE Website

26/02/2012 05:50

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the IEA College of TAFE's new and exciting website. Packed with numerous features including links to our new Social Networking sites such as IEA TAFE's Youtube Channel, TAFE Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page. There is a Picture Gallery, Calender of TAFE events and schedules, links to the new E-Learning initiative that the College is embarking on and lots lots more.

You can find all the information about all the training and services we provide right here on this website. You can also find the latest news events, featured articles, physical locations of our campuses on the Google Maps feature and contact information about the four TAFE campuses in the county.

The primary goal for establishing this Website is to keep you informed and 'in the know' on the most recent and upcoming activities and events IEA TAFE are involved in. Be sure to check back on a regular basis to keep yourself abreast of the updates.