Diploma Accounting

FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting (2018)

Total number of units = 11
6 core units plus
5 elective units

FNSACC501         Provide financial and business performance information              

FNSACC502         Prepare tax documentation for individuals          

FNSACC503         Manage budgets and forecasts

FNSACC504         Prepare financial reports for corporate entities 

FNSACC506         Implement and maintain internal control procedures     

FNSACC507         Provide management accounting information   

FNSACC505         Establish and maintain accounting information systems

BSBFIA401           Prepare financial reports             

FNSACC301         Process financial transactions and extract interim reports            

FNSACC404         Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities

FNSACC402         Prepare operational budgets