Certificate 3 IDMT

ICT30115 Certificate 3 in Information, Digital Media and Technology

Total number of units = 17

6 core units plus

11 electives


Students graduating from the 2018 Certificate 2 in Information Digital Media and Technology can carry forward 4 credit units and must only complete thirteen units of competency to receive the Certificate 3 in Information Digital Media and Technology


BSBWHS304*   Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes

BSBSUS401     Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

ICTICT202        Work and communicate effectively in an ICT environment

ICTICT301        Create user documentation

ICTICT302        Install and optimise operating system software

ICTSAS301*      Run standard diagnostic test

ICTICT303        Connect internal hardware components

ICTSAS303       Care for computer hardware

ICTSAS304       Provide basic system administration

ICTSAS305       Provide ICT advice to clients

ICTSAS306       Maintain equipment and software

ICTNWK302*     Determine and action network problems

ICTNWK304*     Administer network peripherals  

ICTICT203        Operate application software packages

ICTICT308        Use advanced features of computer applications

ICPDMT321      Capture a digital image

ICTWEB201      Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement

* Carried forward to Certificate 4 networking

Not available for online enrolment