Diploma Networking

ICT50415 Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Total number of units = 16

5 core units plus

11 electives units


Student graduating from the 2018 Certificate 4 in Information Technology Networking can carry forward 4 credit units and must only complete twelve units of competency to receive the Diploma information Technology Networking


ICTICT418*       Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment

ICTICT511*       Match IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise

ICTNWK529*    Install and manage complex ICT networks

ICTSUS501*     Implement server virtualisation for a sustainable ICT system

ICTTEN611*     Produce an ICT network architecture design

ICTNWK505*    Design, build and test a network server

ICTSAS515*     Manage the testing process

ICTNWK513*    Manage system security

ICTNWK535*    Install an enterprise virtual computing environment

ICTNWK402      Install and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICT

ICTSAS512*     Review and manage delivery of maintenance services

ICTNWK509*    Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks

ICTNWK506*    Configure, verify and troubleshoot WAN links and IP services in a medium enterprise network       

ICTNWK406      Install, configure and test network security

ICTNWK531*    Configure an internet gateway

ICTNWK401      Install and manage a server


*Carried forward to Diploma Systems Administration

Not available for online enrolment