Diploma Systems Administration

ICT50315 Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration

Total number of units = 19

10 core units plus

9 core units


Students graduating from the 2018 Diploma Information Technology Networking will receive credit transfer for 13 units of competency and only have to complete an additional six units of competency to receive the Diploma Information Technology Systems Administration


BSBSUS501     Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

ICTICT418        Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment


ICTICT509        Gather data to identify business requirements

ICTNWK513      Manage system security

ICTSAS406       Implement and hand over system components

ICTSAS502       Establish and maintain client user liaison

ICTSAS505       Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans

ICTSAS512       Review and manage delivery of maintenance services

ICTSAS515       Manage the testing process

ICTTEN516       Produce technical solutions from business specifications

ICTICT511        Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise

ICTNWK509      Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks

ICTNWK529      Install and manage complex ICT networks

ICTNWK531      Configure an internet gateway

ICTTEN611       Produce an ICT network architecture design

ICTNWK505      Design, build and test a network server

ICTNWK535      Install an enterprise virtual computing environment

ICTSUS501      Implement server virtualisation for a sustainable ICT system

ICTNWK506      Configure, verify and troubleshoot WAN links and IP services in a medium enterprise network       


Not available for on-line enrolment