Trainers Profiles

 The core staff who deliver IEA Training Programs are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have extensive expertise and experience in:

  • designing and managing training programs,
  • providing training and development advice to clients and developing,
  • delivering and monitoring Competency Based learning programs and learning materials in close consultation with clients.


All trainers with TAFE for compliance with standards and quality purposes must

  1. Be registered trainers with the National Training Council (renewed every two years)
  2. Have the technical qualification in the course they train
  3. Have technical currency in the course they train ie, must have recent work practice and experience from a recognized institution
  4. Be professionally affiliated with an organisation in the area they are training


Hence, the IEA College of TAFE has trainers with appropriate technical and professional qualifications and experience to deliver the training and assessment relevant to the training products offered.


As well as our core staff, we have other professionals who work with us on a part-time basis to extend the range of expertise we have available. Our partners at Kangan Institute of TAFE in Melbourne, Victoria also provide expertise to assist our programs. Our TAFE campuses are staffed with trainers qualified to Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and appropriate technical standards and experience to meet AQTF standards.


At IEA TAFE PNG, our training programs provide quality education facilitated by workplace trainers who are all industry professionals in their respective fields who are an integral part of our training team. This means students learn from the experts and receive the best possible outcomes for their individual training experience.


TAFE Trainers come from a variety of places around Papua New Guinea and Australia. IEA TAFE prides itself on its diverse viewpoints and experiences each trainer contributes to the college and their values and diverse insights have moulded the college community into what it is today.


We invite you to explore our TAFE trainers profiles from all our four nationwide campuses. Get to know who will be facilitating the programs and guiding your education while at TAFE. We are committed to the fundamental goal of preparing you for a successful future and ensuring you meet your career goals within your chosen field.