Certificate IV in Front Line Managment

Target Group:            Individuals who take the first line of management in a wide range of organisational and industry contexts.  They may have existing qualifications and technical skills in any given vocation or profession, yet require skills or recognition in supervisory functions.  Typically, while reporting to a manager, they provide leadership and guidance to others and take responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of the team and its work outcomes.


Participants are required to take a total of 10 units

  • 4 core units plus
  • 6 elective units

Core Units



BSBMGT402A            Implement operational plan

BSBMGT401A            Show leadership in the workplace

Occupational Health and Safety

BSBOHS407A            Monitor a safe workplace

Workplace Effectiveness

BSBWOR402A            Promote team effectiveness

Elective Units


Customer Service

BSBCUS402A            Address customer needs


BSBMGT403A            Implement continuous improvement

Workplace Effectiveness

BSBWOR401A            Establish effective workplace relationships

BSBWOR404B            Develop work priorities

Project Management

BSBPMG510A            Manage projects

Financial Administration

BSBFIA402A            Report on financial activity